Life TimeLine : Abdullah Dongshin Park 박동신 عبدالله بارك الكوري

First Name : Dongshin 동신 دونغ شين
Family Name : Park 박 بارك
Arabic Name : Abdullah 압둘라 عبد الله
Born on April 15, 1986 부산출생 from Busan, South Korea
My Reversion to Islam  on December 30, 2009 at Seoul, South Korea

Studied Arabic at The Language Center in the University of Jordan – Level 8
Studies Islam at The University of Jordan
Went to School at ‎University Of Jordan – الجامعة الأردنية‎

요르단대학교 어학센터 아랍어과정 8단계 (2016년)
요르단대학교 샤리아 학부 이슬람

1986 – Birth :  Born on the 15th of April into a practicing Christian family in Busan, South Korea.
1997 –  Calligraphy competition : Participated in a calligraphy competition in Sacheon cultural festival and in Jinju art festival.
2000 – Health : Diagnosed with gastritis, commenced long treatment, and overcame it.
2001 – Health : Diagnosed and overcame Ulcer
2002 – Moving cities :  Moved to Seoul, South Korea and undertook a humanities course on the 11th of June in High School.
2002 – Family : On 2nd of October my parents, who were living in Jinju, at the time divorced and I started living alone.
2002 – Music : Released my first debut in the Indie music community called ‘’ under my musician name Rapain in Seoul, South Korea
2005 – Education : On 16th of February Graduated from High School

2006 – Music : On 13th of October, I released my first Digital single called ”Rap is Pain” which was released to mobile service and all other internet music services. Production, lyrics, mixing and recording was all done by me.

2007 – Music : On the 14th of September, I released my second digital single called ‘Bittersweet’ from my album ‘Bittersweet Dream’. To achieve this, I had rented a small studio where I did all the recording, rapping, and mixing, and thus it’s production was solely done by me.

2008 – Acting/Media : I began working in the media as an extra cast/actor.
2009 – From Darkness to Light, My reversion to Islam : On the 30th of December I became a Muslim.
2010 – Working as a ‘New Man’ : On the 19th of February I began working at ‘Islamic Book Centre & Adam Publishing House’. (from February 19, 2010 to August 17, 2010)
2010 – Interview with KBS : On the 6th of April, I was interviewed by KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) for KBS 10 depth report on ‘Muslims in Korea’. This was my first interview as a Muslim, by that time I became adamant to spread Islam in Korea and spoke about this in the interview. It was from that time that I began my dawah activity, Alhamdulilah.
2010 – Islamic website : On the 17th of April, I self launched a Korean Islamic website  called, under the title of ‘Islam for Korean’.
2010 – Media attention of the Islamic website : On the 7th of May, the website I launched ( gained media attention and was introduced at ‘Weekly Muslim’ Number 969.
2010 – Media : On the 24th of July, I was interviewed by TRANS7, an Indonesian broadcasting channel. This interview was on my conversion from a Christian to a Muslim.
2010 – Life as a Muadhin : On the 28th of July, I became a Muadhin voluntarily at Seoul Central Masjid.
2010 – A Winner! : On the 3rd of September, I won 1st place in Qur’an recitation competition held at Seoul Central Masjid.
2010 – KBS Documentary : On the 29th of September, I appeared on KBS 1TV Wednesday Special documentary called “Biggest festival in Islam”
KBS 1TV 수요기획 다큐멘터리 “이슬람 최대의 축제 라마단”
2011 – Islam : On the 1st of January, an official Islamic Information Centre was established in Seoul city, Itaewon.
(Establishment of an official Islamic Information Center)
2011 – Chosun Ilbo (News Paper) : I appeared in an interview which was published in the most famous newspaper in Korea, (Chosun Ilbo, Issue Number: 28039,  People A27 – 21/02/2011). The column was titled ‘ 26-year old Islamic preacher youth – ‘Wants to break the prejudice’ and was based on what my life was like and how I became a Muslim, and was also questioned about my dawah activities.
조선일보 제28038호 2011년 2월 21일 월요일 52판 A27 사람들
이슬람 전도사된 26세 청년··· “편견 깨고 싶어” 이슬람정보센터 연 박동신씨- 최연진 기자
2011 – Islam Online : On the 10th of March, I started to work in an Chat Islam Online for the Korean Language.  (from March 10, 2011 to May 29, 2013)
2011 – Herald Business Interview : Took place on the 3rd of May, it was a very important interview, as I had to explain the truth about Islam and how Islam has no connections with terror and in fact Islam condemns terror. This raised the interest of Islam to Koreans.
헤럴드경제 뉴스 이태형기자 기사입력 2011-05-03 10:52
2011 – Hankyoreh Interview (The Young souls connected with Shahada) : This was a series of interview on Muslims in Korea and how many young Koreans are accepting Islam as their faith. I was questioned on my online dawah activity, my Islamic community and the Islamic Information Centre that I opened, in which within 4 months, 40 young Koreans became Muslims by taking their Shahada. To recent date, there is almost 1000 members in the online Islamic community.
젊은 영혼들 ‘샤하다’와 접속하다
한겨레 등록 :2011-05-18 20:36수정 :2011-05-19 16:31
한겨레 특별 기획 한겨레in 한국의 무슬림 ③마스지드의 청춘
송경화 안수찬 기자
2012 – Seeking knowledge abroad : On the 27th of January I embarked on a new journey and travelled to Madinah, Saudi Arabia to study at Institute of Teaching Arabic Language in Islamic University of Madinah. معهد تعليم اللغة العربية لغير الناطقين بها

(from 27 January 2012 to 1 September 2014)

2015 – Seeking knowledge abroad : On the 24th of April I embarked on a last journey and traveled to Amman, Jordan(The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan).

2016 – Education : On the 31th January I Started my Studying Arabic at The Language Center at the University of Jordan (UJLC), Arabic for Speakers of Other Languages – Level 8
مركز اللغات في الجامعة الأردنية شعبة اللغة العربية للناطقين بغيرها

2016 요르단대학교 어학센터 아랍어과정 – 8 단계
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