Adding some verses of Quran in a korean song is the beginning not the end .Although they know that they have big fans among muslims especially girls they produce that song !! how after what they did we will keep listening and following them !! when could we realize how much this matter is dangerous !! my sisters !! this is your chance to stop listening to them forever and turn to Allah and to what is benifit for our religion, life and nation

You have to know It’s not allow to use Quran recitation in Music. not only korean musician but also all music from all over the world . even it’s for muslim or for kufar.
and second problem is muslims. prophet muhammad (peace be upon him) prohibited musical instrument same as zina and drink. so it’s definitely not allow to muslims listen music. then how to mix quran with music? and how muslims listen K-pop? problem is not who is more bad. now they are all know that aya of Quran is inside of that music. so from now, if they keep going(singing , playing, selling), it’s sins for all of them.
now singer knows that quran is inside that music, producer knows that quran in inside of that music, and fans know that quran is inside of that music. and everybody knows. so as long as they keep going it’s not just mistake any more.
so it’s your choice and they must do apologize for this. and stop singing, stop publish, stop selling. because they did a big mistake.
and muslims must realized that it’s not allow to listen music which is against to Islam. and should realize now how they are evil. Whatever they apologize or not, we must realized and stop listen them. but if they dont apologize and not stop this then we will not just keep silence anymore.

Abdullah Dongshin Park

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